End Sugar Cravings in 10 Days 
Break your addiction to sugar and processed foods with this FREE simple STRAIGHTFORWARD PLAN
Group Rehab Starts Thursday August 1st, 2019
Hey sweetie (pun intended)
I’m Mubarakah (Pronounced moo-BA-ra-kah), and I help high-achieving women who are tired of feeling stressed, unmotivated and unconfident end self-sabotage to transform their health, create a body they love and a life that fulfills them.

Officially I am a certified personal trainer and stress reduction coach.  

Unofficially I’m a health and happiness warrior

I know you are here because you know sugar is wrecking your health and fitness goals and you want to kick the habit.  

The good news is 10 days could change everything for you.  I've put together a 10-Day Sugar Detox guide that's designed to help you break your addictions to sugar and junk foods without ever feeling deprived. 

The best part about it is that you'll learn ways to continue your healthy lifestyle and make better choices for yourself and your family.
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